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Clive Christian

Clive Christian 1872 Feminine

Clive Christian 1872 Feminine

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Indulge in the opulence of Clive Christian's 1872 Feminine, a timeless fragrance for women that embodies luxury and elegance at its finest. 

The Clive Christian 1872 Feminine is a luxurious and exquisite fragrance that embodies sophistication and elegance. Made by the renowned brand, Clive Christian, this perfume has become a timeless classic ever since its launch in 1999. Its distinctive scent is created with the finest ingredients sourced from around the world resulting in an astonishingly rich aroma that will leave you spellbound. The captivating blend of fruity and floral notes imparts an aura of femininity which enhances your personality making it perfect for any occasion when you want to make an unforgettable impression. This perfume comes at a premium price tag, but rest assured that it's worth every penny when you indulge yourself or bestow it as a gift upon someone special who appreciates quality fragrances. Try out Clive Christian's 1872 Feminine today and experience true luxury!

  • Experience the luxury of Clive Christian's 1872 Feminine, crafted with premium fragrances and ingredients.
  • Elevate your scent game with this timeless fragrance from Clive Christian, designed to complement the natural beauty of women.
  • Indulge in the sophistication and elegance that comes with wearing a perfume as renowned as Clive Christian's 1872 for Women.
  • Treat yourself or someone special to a truly exquisite fragrance experience with the opulent and expensive Clive Christian 1872 Feminine.

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Ladies you dreamt of experiencing this perfume don't deny yourself any longer. Get Clive Christian 1872 Feminine 3.4 oz Spray, today!

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