About Us

We'll let me tell you I am an online veteran who has marketed products online for 20 years now. I can hardly believe it myself. 
So, let's start at the beginning. Who am I?  Oh, I am Micheal, the founder of 'You Smell So Nice'. Well, life can take unexpected turns. After years of floundering around from one office job to the next doing everything from office clerk, telephone operator, medical transcriber then suddenly I found myself being harassed off the job by absolutely horrible people, who had the unfortunate pleasure of being my coworkers. I won't go into further detail. Let us say after that experience it became quite clear I would never work a regular 9-5 again.
After, a nervous breakdown and years of depression and anxiety I began picking up the pieces of my life. I decided that I would truly be the master of my destiny and never allow my financial well-being to be in the hands of anyone but me. And I would only do what was in line with my core values. Well, that's how my entrepreneurial journey began. For about 10 years I peddled cosmetics on Ebay.com under the name savymicheal9. Yes, that's me. I was quite successful in my eyes. I managed to support myself and as long as the monthly bills were paid, I felt I was a success. With 100% positive feedback and now over 4400 positive feedback reviews to boot.
Then about a few years ago I notice a change was taken place on the site, sales were no longer robust as they once were. And I was doing nothing to address it. More months passed and sales were continuing to plummet, and I was headed for financial disaster. Determined to stop being paralyzed by fear and doing nothing. I decided to launch a website dedicated to my real love beauty products specifically fragrances. I had a supplier, but I procrastinated for years. Now, I've managed to sum up the courage and create this website that I should have done long ago. As the saying goes a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Hence You Smell So Nice was born. I decided to offer a small, curated list of fragrances as to not to overwhelm the consumer. Then I'll slowly add other fragrances that I believe will be of interest. I think a niche site is best.
I'll give recommendations and feature those that are timeless and luxurious.
Well, that is my story. I don't want to ramble on about myself any further.
Just know that I want to be your fragrance destination. All orders are processed within 1 business day and your order should arrive 2-4 business days after you receive tracking number.
Everyone should feel good about themselves. Make no mistake with any of our featured products you'll be sure to hear you smell so nice. Well, thanks for reading.