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Carolina Herrera

Bad Boy Cologne

Bad Boy Cologne

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Unleash your inner rebel with the daring and alluring Bad Boy Cologne by Carolina Herrera, a fragrance that blends Oriental and Spicy Accords on a smoky foundation to inspire confidence in every step. 

Introducing the Bad Boy Cologne, crafted exclusively by Carolina Herrera. This daring fragrance is the perfect emblem of masculinity that conveys a sense of strength and vigor combined with sensuality. It comprises an enticing blend of oriental and spicy accords, infused with a smoky foundation that gives it depth and intensity. With its unique composition, these man's fragrance exudes confidence and power while remaining sophisticated and refined. The striking bottle design urges you to unleash your inner rebel through every spritz; simply put: If you want to make a statement without saying anything at all - then Bad Boy Cologne is the scent for you!

  • With its smoky foundation, this cologne exudes an irresistible masculinity that will leave a lasting impression wherever you go.
  • Whether it's a formal event or a casual outing with friends, Bad Boy Cologne adds sophistication to any occasion while keeping you feeling fresh all day long.

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